Cisco ISE VM performance problems

It shows that updating Cisco ISE VM from 1.1 up to 1.2.1 can lead to huge performance impacts. The original 1.1 version ran without problems, through the update of the VM to 1.2 the whole system got realy slow. The web interface was nearly unusable. Reboot of the VM solved the problem only for short term. Problem indicators are:

  • Non matching performance statistics between VMWare and Cisco Ise
  • Wrong alert messages from Cisco ISE concerning IO write performance
  • High authentication latency
  • Authenticators reporting dead radius server

The problem was solved through a fresh installation of Cisco ISE VM with 1.2 image and then updating to 1.2.1. The restore of the configurational backups works realy fine and even includes voucher codes if the ISE guest portal is used.

Please note that a restore requires to rejoin ISE VM to the domain and to rehost the installed license from the defect to the restored mashine. Also after restoring the backup, the VM gets the original ip address through the backup. So it has to be ensured, that the old mashine is offline or the restored one has no network connectivity while the old one is running.